Stress test for strategies and measures.

Corona changes everything! The markets of tomorrow will not be the same as today.

The assumptions and plans of today's market participants are already wastepaper. After the so to speak shutdown, hardly anything will be the same as before.

And now? When will we start thinking about the time after Corona? What new assumptions do we want to take as a basis for our strategies and measures? Put your strategy, measures and organization through a stress test to make them robust and future-proof. There is a great risk that we will continue as if nothing had happened. That we continue to plan in silos and based on our past experience. This can quickly become very expensive.


There is an effective and easy-to-use recipe: Business WarGaming (in times of Corona even a fitting name):

Role play: Business War Gaming is a role play in a safe environment, without the risk of failure and loss of precious resources. A changed market environment or a real or assumed competitive situation is simulated with the aim of predicting the most probable (re)actions of the market participants and to counter these with a literally tested strategy and appropriate measures. And all this before things really get serious.

Change of perspective: In several rounds of the game, which cover different time periods, the players of different functions slip into the shoes of the relevant competitors, customers or other market participants. This change of perspective leads to surprising new insights. As a result, the employees resume their traditional roles and develop strategies and measures as a team that can withstand the market events they themselves had anticipated.

Dynamic formats: Depending on the objective, complexity of the initial situation and available resources, Business WarGaming can be adapted to the respective situation. From the relatively simple one-day variant to a more complex game over several rounds (and days), there are many possibilities. And thus, equally interesting for small, medium-sized and large companies.


The winners in competition will be those who are well prepared. The losers will be those who have saved up for it.



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